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Ditch sugary cereal for protein-packed breakfast choices

Natalie Saxton18 Sep 2014
Ditch sugary cereal for protein-packed breakfast choices

It seems things are changing and the message about sugar is making an impact amongst British women, who are paying more attention to their breakfast choices.

Many cereal choices are no longer considered healthy, with some of them packing more sugar than a doughnut, as reported by The Daily Mail in the article below.

Nutrients your body can use

Whilst some so called cereal choices are considered 'healthy' because of their calorie content, they often do not contain any real nutritional value that helps you build a healthy body and mind. Breakfast should be filling and satisfying as well as contain nutrients your body needs and can use, which ultimately prevents unnecessary snacking, protein breakfasts often tick all three boxes.

Read the article for yourself and let us know your view on protein vs carbohydrate breakfasts. There are also some very tasty recipe ideas for you to try.

Click here to view the Daily Mail article

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