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Pomegranates, really the secret to a long and youthful life?

Lorna McCann14 Jul 2016
Pomegranates, really the secret to a long and youthful life?

Well, according to scientists the answer is yes and the reason being - because the ruby red fruit is packed full of a ‘miracle’ ingredient that helps to strengthen ageing muscles.

According to reports in the Daily Mail and The Telegraph newspapers this week researchers in Switzerland made the discovery after experimenting on worms and mice.

They found that chemicals found in pomegranates are turned into a compound called urolithin A.

Seemingly, it’s this ingredient that can work miracles as it helps to recycle and recharge cells and therefore prolong ageing.

Despite the tests so far being confined to worms and mice scientists are excited and the research represents a ‘milestone’ in anti-ageing efforts.

The power of real whole food

Here at Purition we are excited about the discovery too as it serves to demonstrate the power of real food - something we are deeply passionate about.

So, in honour of the humble miracle-working pomegranate, which in the past has also been linked to various other health benefits such as reducing heart disease and improving memory, we have put together our very own Purition breakfast bowl recipe for you to try.

It’s super simple and goes like this:

Blend one serving of our pistachio flavored wholefood mix with 150ml of you chosen milk in a Vitamix (or other high speed blender) for five minutes to form a mousse. Then top with fresh summer berries - either raspberries, strawberries or blueberries and finish with a generous helping of ‘miracle’ pomegranate seeds.

Alternatively mix your favourite Purition blend with two heaps of natural yoghurt and then top with berries and a sprinkling of pomegranates.


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