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Nutrition On-demand? Absolutely...

Purition11 Jun 2018
Nutrition On-demand? Absolutely...

Who would have thought that Nutrition would become part of an on-demand lifestyle?

We have all witnessed the rise in popularity of the subscription model and 'on-demand' products over the last decade. Subscription boxes make for ideal gifts but also represent genuine time-savers, arriving to your door at your convenience.

The on-demand and subscription models of global brands such as Uber, Spotify, Amazon, Netflix and many more have provided us with things we want, when we want them, and in ways which suit us. We increasingly live a life on demand, benefitting with subscription options of varying levels and frequencies. We can now have groceries, beauty products, wine, coffee, entertainment and even socks delivered on a recurring basis. The box being delivered to the door is no longer a novelty or a fad, it’s an growing and popular lifestyle choice for those who feel time-poor, seek convenience or simply want a curated product specific to them.

However what about healthy food, fitness and nutrition? Well, you can get all this on demand too - and much more! Companies are delivering subscription boxes straight to the letterbox, with pre-measured ingredients and easy to follow recipes. The Graze Box was one of the pioneers, and amongst the whole feast of options out there, one box in particular stands out above the rest to us right now (and to many) and that's the relatively new British Start Up, Mindful Chef - Healthy eating made easy.

Mindful Chef is on a similar wavelength to Purition, with its values focussing on nutrition, ingredients and healthy eating just like us. Their approach is so similar to ours - very simple, yet incredibly effective in helping you lead a healthier life. They believe in reducing your intake of sugar and refined carbs - just as we do! Which is hugely beneficial to those who are more conscious about ingredients, are looking to eat more healthily, or drop body fat. Mindful Chef never deliver pasta, bread or white rice - instead their healthy recipes are based on innovative uses of fresh vegetables - a winning formula!

This month, Purition embraces a fantastic opportunity by teaming up with Mindful Chef. This week, a Dairy Free Purition sample will be included inside every Mindful Chef box ordered via their incredible subscription model. A perfect introduction of Purition to Mindful Chef's nutrition conscious subscribers, to provide them with an ultra filling, nutrient dense and Low-Carb breakfast or lunch option. This provides an excellent way to start the day before turning to a Mindful Chef evening meal option as the day draws to a close.



With Purition at breakfast or lunch and Mindful Chef at dinner, the opportunity to begin and finish each day with healthy nutrition is now on demand, on trend and heading towards letterboxes nationwide.

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