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The New Year - Achieving a Simple Start

Leanne Watkins30 Dec 2016
The New Year - Achieving a Simple Start

Tomorrow is new year's eve and the motto ‘new year, new you’, is what seems to be sold to us at the start of every year. It isn’t that easy though, it is hard to change and even harder to keep that change going. It can all depend on our attitude and how we are feeling daily, and how those feelings affect us. Whether it be positive or negative, our attitude is something that can be managed. As rubbish as we may be feeling one day, with strong positive thinking it is possible to change how we feel.

Why not begin the year by thinking ‘New Year, Same You, New Attitude’.

So how do we start to manage our attitude? For me, it all starts with how I feel when I first wake up in the morning. If I wake up feeling good, the rest of my day seems to go that little bit better. Whereas if I wake up feeling agitated or am rushing around and feeling stressed, I find that things do not seem to go quite as smoothly through the rest of the day.

Everybody wants to be told a formula for how to live your life better. Whether it’s the amount of water to drink, the number of calories to consume, or how many minutes of exercise we should do. The truth is there is no secret formula, as much as we wish that wasn’t true. It is all about the power of positive thinking, which is harder to do than simply being told that if you follow a specific instruction, things will change.

It is all about finding a good balance in your life, and we know how that first hour in the morning can make or break your day.

So how can we start the day off well so that we begin to lead happier and overall healthier lives?

Let’s take a look at some of the things ‘healthy’ people are doing in the morning:

  1. Getting up early - having a better and more relaxed start to the day.
  2. Drinking lemon water - gets your digestive system off to a good start.
  3. Simple stretching and/or exercise routine - helps wake up your body ready for the day.
  4. Meditating - spend some time relaxing and most importantly it is for yourself.
  5. Eating breakfast - healthy, protein based and nutrition filled food is essential.
  6. Being prepared - keep wardrobe choices simple, less stress the better.
  7. Not drinking coffee - should not be used as an energy reliant.
    Avoiding social media/news - keep it simple and avoid negativity.

Basically, a Simple Start is best.

This is not always easy to do, and we all have busy lives, so how can you achieve this?

We have put together a concise list of some morning rituals to help change your life in a positive way:

  1. Wake up early (preferably at the end of your sleep cycle, there are various apps to track this) allowing yourself time to get ready without rushing.
  2. Drink 1-2 glasses of water (warm if you can stomach it), try adding fresh lemon and mint.
  3. Try a gentle stretching routine, potentially leading to a yoga routine to stimulate your mind and body.
  4. Do a little exercise (if you have the time and are able) it doesn't have to be an intense workout.
  5. Listen to your favourite music (also good to do before going to bed) an easy thing to help you feel happy.
  6. Eat a balanced breakfast, whether it's eggs, porridge or a smoothie (avoid fruit based) ensure it is nutritional.
  7. Take time to enjoy the morning, sit down with a good book, take in your surroundings or just simply close your eyes for a few moments and look forward to the day ahead!
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