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Everyone’s Talking About: The New Health Maths

Helen Foster15 Sep 2014
Everyone’s Talking About: The New Health Maths

If you needed another reason why you shouldn’t skimp on fat in your diet, we’ve found it. And it also helps prove that Mother Nature really is seriously clever. Here’s the news – plants + fat = a super healthy you. Why?

Lowers blood pressure

Because researchers at the UK’s Kings College London have found that combining a source of unsaturated fat like olive oil with vegetables actually triggers a reaction in your stomach that creates a substance that lowers blood pressure.

If you want the science bit, according to lead author Professor Philip Eaton when substances called nitrate or nitrite which are found in many vegetables are eaten with unsaturated fats, they react during digestion and create a substance called a nitro-lipid. These enter the bloodstream and actually help influence how the body functions – and, one thing they are particularly good at is lowering blood pressure.

So, there you have it – add a dressing to your lettuce, cook your greens in a little butter, sprinkle some chia seeds or avocado on top of your salad – or simply serve a portion of Purition with a side salad to get a dose of tasty fats, protein and vegetables in one and your health will thank you.


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