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Why Purition is better than a protein shake

Purition17 Sep 2018
Why Purition is better than a protein shake

Whatever physical activity is your thing, it is essential that you are eating the right type of foods to help you get the results that you want and help your body recover properly afterwards. So, we thought we’d give you a low down on protein shakes and if we actually need them?

A lot of people are already using protein shakes because they think they should, without really knowing why, or they may have heard that protein will help them achieve their goals faster.


Extra PROTEIN is essential and particularly helpful when exercising, as it provides additional branch chain amino acids, which help repair damage to muscles after physical exercise.
The best way to get extra protein is naturally from food. However, in recent times food has been dropped for the convenience of a protein shake and at the expense of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Purition is a ‘back to basics’ approach to providing extra protein from food - not commercially processed and highly refined powders.

However, not all protein shakes are the same. How many of us really know what is going into them and what those ingredients are actually doing for us?

Many protein shakes available on the market are made predominantly of:

• Milk protein, milk powders and / or vegan protein powders from undisclosed origins
• Synthetic colourings and flavourings
• Artificial sweeteners
• Gums and emulsifiers

When we are exercising we need to ensure that the food/ shakes/ supplements we consume contain good sources of macronutrients - protein, essential fatty acids and carbohydrates ('green carbs' or dietary fibre) - for our bodies to function correctly.

Purition offers a healthier alternative to many normal types of shake with both vegan and vegetarian protein sources. Original vegetarian Purition contains whey protein isolate which has a much higher percentage of protein in it than other dairy proteins that are often used in other shakes. The whey protein isolate that we use is made in the UK, comes from British milk and has been gently triple filtered. The original shakes also include essential fatty acids in the form of nuts and seeds, plus carbohydrates from the fibre rich foods.

Our Dairy Free vegan Purition includes pea, rice and hemp protein, ensuring a complete amino acid profile. Like the Original range, it contains a whole host of nuts and seeds for additional protein and essential fatty acids, plus healthy carbohydrates from fibre rich foods.

ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS are called just that because we need them. However, our bodies can’t produce them, so they need to come from our diets. We could all benefit from a daily dose of omega 3’s and other beneficial fats, without which we can’t make hormones, nourish our cells, feed our nerves and make neurotransmitters, which send messages throughout our bodies. They also help to reduce inflammation in the body caused by illness or physical stress. Did you know that about 69% of our brain matter is made of fats so “essential fatty acids” are aptly named.

FIBRE is an essential nutrient in a healthy diet but unfortunately it is one that many of us get too little of. There are a whole load of reasons why we should be including more fibre into our diets:

• It supports gut motility and prevents constipation
• It feeds our good gut bacteria
• It increases the feeling of fullness after meals, so may help to support healthy weight loss
• It can help curb cravings

Including Purition as part of your daily routine is a great way of ensuring that you are getting adequate fibre in your diet.



Purition is a great source of micronutrients, the vitamins and minerals our bodies need on a daily basis to perform a range of physiological functions and maintain our health:

• Potassium - necessary for heart health, muscle strength, cellular activity and to help increase our energy levels.
• Phosphorous - needed for the growth, repair and maintenance of our cells and tissues. It is also an essential part in vitamin D absorption in the body.
• Magnesium - required for hundreds of bodily functions, it supports our cells to generate new proteins and is required for healthy muscle and nerve function. It also helps to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels which in turn increases our metabolism and triggers our bodies to burn stored fat.
• The B vitamins found in the almonds, chia and nutritional yeast are vital for all round good health including energy production, nerve health, skin health and hormonal balancing.

So, now you know why macronutrients and micronutrients are hugely important to include in your diet, but when should you have them? They are needed on a regular basis throughout the day for our bodies to be able to repair themselves and function correctly from normal everyday activities. Thanks to its wholefood ingredients, Purition contains a great mix of these and can be used daily for breakfast or lunch alongside a balanced diet.

Protein and supplement companies will tell you that you should supplement before and after exercise within a certain timeframe. You may have heard of the “magic window”? It’s the supposed 30 - 60 minute window after exercising when you’re advised to consume a protein shake to get results. But the truth is we should be focussing on our overall diet, every day, over 24 hours.

Purition shakes offer this balance with 16-20g of Protein, 12-15g of healthy fats and 6-7g of fibre in each 40g serving.

We firmly believe that by replenishing our bodies on a regular basis, whether that be with a well-balanced meal or a wholefood protein shake like Purition, or even better, a mix of both throughout the day, you will be getting the right level of macro and micronutrients. Eat a natural, varied and balanced diet - including protein at every meal - and there should be no need for protein supplements.


Article written by: Kate Bevan Wood Dip CNM, mBANT, CNHC
Nutritional Therapist



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