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Everyone's talking about: Micro-seasoning

Helen Foster29 Dec 2014
Everyone's talking about: Micro-seasoning

We're big fans of eating seasonally here at Purition, after all it's when food tastes it's best and is more likely to be highest in nutrients. But chefs and foodies around the world are now taking this one step further and actually adapting how they eat fruit and vegetables determining what stage of the individual items season it's in - and they're calling it microseasoning

For example, think about squash - chefs say that first thing in the season the skins are softer so it's better to make dishes that incorporate it, a few months in the skins have hardened and so it's better to remove it and stick to the flesh.

Persimmons come in two types, the squarer Hachiya type is best eaten later when it's ripe and almost squishy, while the smaller rounder Fuyus are better earlier when more firm. Japanese chefs even believe new foods come into season every 10 days. A fish the chef might recommend on the 1st of the month might be completely different by the 15th.

How to incorporate microseasoning

If you want to incorporate microseasoning into your meals the best idea is to buy your produce from a local farm or farmer's market. They can tell you at what stage of the growing/life cycle they're in - and give you tips as to how that changes the taste and texture of the food.

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