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Meet the bakers

Lorna McCann13 Sep 2016
Meet the bakers

From left to right: Brad, Jill, Al, Gayle, Edward, Lou, Rob, Lorna, Harry, Phillipa


Here at Purition we’re supporting the nation’s favourite TV programme - The Great British Bake Off - by pulling on our aprons and challenging ourselves to come up with some new super recipes.

Each week a different member of the Purition team we will be undergoing the Bake Off challenge to bring you, our followers, some unique protein packed baked goodies.

So who are we and what are our talents?

Edward - a dab hand in the kitchen and behind the barbecue but admits he’s not the greatest baker in the world. Ed’s hoping for an easy bake-off challenge.

Lou - mum to three children, including two hungry boys, Lou is a superstar baker. She knows her beating from her folding and can even blind bake! We’ll be expecting good things from Lou.

Gayle - always up for trying out a new twist on a recipe Gayle is the creative one of the bunch. She’ll be hoping for a tricky showstopper challenge!

Al - self confessed amateur baker Al is feeling slightly nervous about the bake-off challenge. He admits baking is not his strong point although he is rather keen to try his hand at kneading bread!

Brad - probably the most clueless (his words not ours) of the Purition team when it comes to baking but we’re fairly confident he won’t let us down!

Jill - definitely enjoys baking, so much so, even her teenage sons have been spotted in the kitchen before now knocking up a few Puriton muffins. They must have got their skills from someone and we bet our bottom dollar it was mum!

Lorna - can bake (just about) but doesn’t really enjoy it as it usually involves two messy children and a very messy kitchen afterwards! Lorna will be hoping for a mess-free challenge

Phillipa - is an all round cook and confident baker. Just like Lou and Gayle she knows all her baking terminology so will be hoping for a decent challenge.

Rob - as Purition chef and head of production we’ll be expecting some exciting things from Rob. Watch this space for the next Bake Off King!

Harry - as he spends all day in production with Rob we think Harry might have picked up a few tricks of the trade and might prove to be the dark horse in the Purition bake-off contest!

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