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Lunch Break = Lunch or Appointment?

Phillipa Garner12 Jul 2017
Lunch Break = Lunch or Appointment?

How about making an appointment with Lunch? An opportunity for half an hour or an hour, for some time to fuel up for the rest of the afternoon. Lunch is often neglected and eaten in a hurry ‘on the hop’ as we rush to get another job done or quick call made in our lunchbreak.

When using Purition for weight loss or weight management, it's important that you include foods that compliment your new healthy eating regime and maximise your potential for losing the most body fat in the shortest time.

If you’re following a healthy eating regime, you’ll know the difficulties in grabbing a quick lunch - one that is not high in carbs, spreads and goodness knows what processed fillings. Sandwiches, wraps, Jacket potatoes are just not going to help you sustain your eating plan, or moderated carb real food diet.

But lunch doesn't have to be so challenging or complicated! A little thought the night before is all it takes. Many suggest a day or half a day meal prep at the weekend, not sure about you, but that’s the last thing I want to be freeing myself up to do on my (and my family's) precious Sunday. An hour in town at the market/ butchers/ supermarket during the weekend yes definitely, love a good food shop! Meal planning for the week? Yes... it takes 5 minutes thought. Meal preparation? No! Not until the night before when I’m cooking an evening meal anyway.


Effortless lunch prep!

  1. At the weekend, opt for a breakfast of soft boiled eggs - pop in a few extra, cook for another minute or two, allow to cool under running water and keep in the fridge. Remove the shell and add to any salad for extra protein. They go so well in: Tuna, salmon, avocado salads.
  2. While you have the eggs out; make a frittata, it’s a cross between an omelette and a pastryless quiche. Any leftovers can be served cold for lunch with a slice or two of smoked salmon and a good handful of spinach and rocket leaves dressed with a little olive oil and lemon juice.
  3. Roast a chicken once a week, cold chicken is so versatile and a great choice for lunch.
  4. When preparing your evening meal, cook an extra chicken breast/ thigh/ salmon fillet and add to your lunchbox with some salad leaves.
  5. Crumble some feta cheese over roasted vegetables/ puy lentils and salad leaves.
  6. Opt for a wholefood shake a couple of times a week you could also include a handful of spinach or kale.


Benefits from a homemade lunch!

  1. Real healthy choices are made easy
  2. Cheaper than shop bought, save ££’s every week
  3. More time to eat, it’s there all ready
  4. Tastier than shop bought


More tips!

  1. Take your lunchbox out of the fridge half an hour before eating, so it comes up to room temperature, it will taste so much better.
  2. Keep in stock at home or in the fridge at work some smoked mackerel fillets, small tins of tuna, hot/ smoked salmon fillets, all you then need to complete a super healthy lunch is a bag of salad leaves and a simple dressing of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice.
  3. Keep your own knife, fork and plate at work if you can, decanting your lunch onto a plate makes for a much more enjoyable eating experience.


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