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Let the kids take over the kitchen!

Lorna McCann13 Sep 2016
Let the kids take over the kitchen!

Eek, we hear you cry. What about all that mess?

Well, how about looking beyond the mess and instead focusing on the fun we can have with our children in the kitchen.

As parents, we can teach our children from a really young age the importance of nutrition, healthy eating habits and how to prepare food in a safe way.

There are lots of simple tasks they can be involved in to help prepare daily meals like putting salad into bowls or mixing ingredients and it’s a great way to spend more time with our children.

Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day

So, today we’re celebrating Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day (Tues, Sept 13) by letting our youngest two children take control of the Purition kitchen.

And just look how much fun we’ve been having!

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