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Is Purition a Meal Replacement?

Purition24 May 2018
Is Purition a Meal Replacement?

Purition is a nourishing, real food and healthier alternative to meal replacement products and protein shakes to help you slim down and shape up the natural way

Our wholefood nutrition drinks just make the process of achieving your goals that little bit easier. There’s no special shopping, no food preparation and no cooking. You don't even have to think about healthy eating or dieting because if you're using Purition for breakfast and or lunch you will automatically be eating less sugar and less refined carbohydrate leaving you full and satisfied between meals so you can concentrate on getting one meal a day right.

We’ll be honest with you we don't make Purition to taste great (although we think it does), we just want you to get great results and hooked on the way it makes you feel rather than hooked on the taste or flavour.

That's why we don't add sugar and don't make it sweet. Purition will feed your body with the nutrients it needs whilst at the same time helping you avoid sugar and starch because you will not be hungry between meals. After all, a good decision and a truly healthy start to the day helps making healthy decisions throughout the day so much easier.

It's seriously hard work preparing three meals a day from scratch, which until now was the only way to avoid a sugar and starch overload from breakfast cereals, fruit juice, sweet sauces, bread, pasta and potatoes.

Our ethos is all about eating more real food and consuming less sugar so for us the more natural the ingredients the better. And this philosophy can work for you too if you want to get into shape and be the best you’ve ever been.

Purition is very different. It's made of real food and ready in 30 seconds. Lots of customers love Purition but there are plenty that were not so keen the first time they tried it.

The easiest way to do this is by having a go with one of our Discovery Boxes – enough for one shake a day for the next six days so you can choose your favourite flavour and give you a chance of experiencing how the real food in Purition is going to make you feel.

Free your mind from the last 40 years of dietary misinformation. There are no complex diet plans to follow, no meetings to attend, no calories to count and no special foods to buy.

Simply commit to using Purition daily for breakfast and or lunch followed by a home cooked meal which could be as simple as throwing a piece of meat on the grill or in the oven and steaming some seasonal green veggies or opening a bag of salad.

Our ingredients, grown in fields across the UK, Europe and California, are sent to us as a whole seed or nut. We then carefully crush, chop, grind and blend our ingredients literally moments before packing them up and shipping.

Research tells us that more more of us are going to the gym and dieting than at any other time in history so why then are we fatter than at any other time in history?

The answer is simple – everyone knows it – but until now it has been remarkably difficult to achieve. We eat way too much sugar and starch (plant sugar) and way not enough real food packed with vitamins and minerals.

Try our Discovery Box - 6 portions for 6 days. Have one shake a day for breakfast and get a real feel for how Purition will suit you and how easily it will fit into your daily healthy eating.

For updated hints and tips follow us on social media and hear what others have to say about using Purition and how it's helped them.

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