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Getting Enough Fibre?

Purition11 Jan 2019
Getting Enough Fibre?

More so than ever before, people are focusing on healthy lifestyle and mindful eating. This is no bad thing and is certainly to be encouraged. But as a major study has revealed, most of us may still not be getting enough fibre, despite our best efforts.

According to the data, less than one in ten adults in the UK are eating enough fibre daily. On average we consume only 17g - 21g of fibre a day when the recommended minimum amount is 25g and the optimum 30g or more.

Research shows that shifting from a low-fibre diet (less than 15g) to a high-fibre diet (25-29g) could be a serious game changer, with the potential to reduce the chances of heart disease, bowel cancer, type-2 diabetes and generally help us to live longer.

At Purition, we agree that fibre is important (see our blog post Be Carb Smart with Purition). Our products contain soluble and insoluble fibre from whole seeds and nuts, apple pectin and psyllium husk. Low carb and high in fibre, two servings a day of Purition will provide you with around 12g of fibre - that’s equivalent to roughly 6 slices of wholewheat bread!

Whilst low carb aficionados will undoubtedly question the need for fibre, we’ve always been extolling the virtues of lots of fibre alongside a moderated (lowered) starchy carb lifestyle. Plenty of fresh vegetables, pulses, seeds and nuts should leave you feeling full and energised.

It can be difficult knowing how and where to start, but we like to keep things simple. Try swapping out your usual breakfast for Purition. Have one maybe two of our shakes over the course of the day and combine this with a nicely balanced homemade meal (including plenty of fresh veg!). Before too long you should start to feel the benefits of a high-fibre, nicely balanced diet.


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