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No blender? Here's some serving suggestions...

Purition31 May 2018
No blender? Here's some serving suggestions...

We often get asked if Purition can only be prepared in a blender. Whilst we love the rich, creamy taste you get when blending  with milk, we appreciate that you may not always have your blender to hand. What’s great about Purition is it can be had whenever and however you want. Packed with protein, healthy fats and fibre, it's a delicious and nutritious ‘anytime meal’ to fit around you. Here are some super tasty, super simple ways of getting the most out of Purition’s real goodness (with or without a blender!).



Add Purition to Yoghurt 

Sprinkle your chosen flavour of Purition over a serving of Greek yoghurt, grab a spoon and enjoy. Quick, easy and full of goodness. Perfect for a Summer breakfast, healthy afternoon snack or whenever you need that extra boost.



Make Overnight Oats

Avoid the morning rush by preparing your breakfast the night before. Try this deliciously simple and energising recipe from the wonderful Rhiannon Lambert. In place of the desiccated coconut, swap in a few spoons of your favourite Purition. A busy day calls for a good breakfast and these overnight oats are perfect for combatting those pesky mid-morning hunger pangs. You can also prepare them in a jam jar to have on the go - how convenient!


50g rolled oats
30g desiccated coconut
120ml coconut milk (from a tin if you prefer a thicker texture)
16 frozen raspberries/ or any seasonal berries -  roughly chop some and leave some whole
Handful of almonds, roughly chopped


Mix oats, coconut and milk together in a bowl or jar with tight-fitting lid.

Stir chopped berries through mixture until oats are nice and pink.

Cover and leave in fridge overnight.


If the mixture is too stiff in the morning, add a few tablespoons of water for your desired consistency.

Serving suggestion:

Top mixture with frozen whole raspberries 5-10 minutes before eating and sprinkle with chopped almonds.



Best Protein Ball Recipe Ever


Purition Energy Balls

Sweet tooth or just after a little pick me up? Try our deliciously simple energy balls, or ‘bliss balls’ as we like to call them. A healthy alternative to the processed sugary treats you typically find on shop shelves. Click here for the recipe and make your way to Purition heaven!




Purition Porridge

Add Purition to your bowl of porridge for extra natural vitamins and minerals as well as added flavour. You can even throw in some berries, a spoon of Greek yogurt or a drizzle of honey to make it that little more special.




The Classic Purition Shake

How could we forget the classic shake! An oldie, but a goodie... The Original! Simply put 200 - 250ml of your favourite milk into a blender and add 40-50g of Purition. If you’re feeling a little fruity, why not add half a banana, a handful of berries or anything else that takes your fancy. Blend and enjoy!



Protein Pancakes

Everyone loves pancakes! Annual holiday, weekend treat or daily breakfast you can’t beat them. Here’s a recipe from one of our lovely customers that we just had to share.



Fitness, improved diet, weight-loss - whatever your motivation for choosing Purition we are here to help you reach your goals. We hope that you enjoy trying our suggestions.

But this is just the beginning, there are plenty more recipes as well as hints and tips on our blog. So experiment and let us know how you get on. We’d love to hear from you.

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