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Everyone's talking about: how we lose fat

Helen Foster29 Dec 2014
Everyone's talking about: how we lose fat

Most us at one time or another, intentionally or otherwise, have lost weight. But did you ever actually wonder where that fat actually went? The truth is, until recently scientists didn't completely know. They knew that fat was released from the fat cells but then what? Did we poop it out, was it passed out in urine, did it come out via the pores?

How is fat burned off

Well now a team at Australia's University of New South Wales have discovered exactly where it goes and the fact is that the majority of it is lost via the breath.

When fat is burned to fuel it's split into molecules of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, and 84 percent of this is excreted via the breath and the other 16 per cent comes out via sweat, urine and tears.

Sadly it doesnt mean that breathing faster or deeper will trigger weight loss - you still need to eat well and exercise to shed the pounds - but it does make that common piece of fitspiration you see on many health blogs 'sweat is just fat crying' is a little bit more true!

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