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Good luck Team GB

Gayle Parker04 Aug 2016
Good luck Team GB

Over the next few weeks the world’s attention will be focused on the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Thousands of athletes and thousands more sporting fans have already begun the descent on Rio De Janeiro - the home of the 31st world games. And over the next two weeks, millions of people across the globe will be tuning in their TVs to watch the action packed programme of sporting events.

So it seems only fitting that here at Purition headquarters we do our bit to wish the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Olympic Team the very best of luck in its bid for gold medal success. And what better way to send our well wishes than with our very own Olympic special breakfast recipe of macadamia and vanilla Purition blended with natural yoghurt and then topped with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

We think it’s a breakfast fit for any athlete - not just Olympic medal winners - so, if you’re already inspired by the sporting hype and feel ready to hit the road for a run, cycle or long walk make sure you’re properly fuelled with some high quality, nutritious food first.
Better fuel equals a better workout whatever your chosen activity and certainly don’t be tempted to skip breakfast (or your first meal of the day) altogether.
This is the most important one of the day, whether you choose to eat breakfast at 8am or 11am. This is when you should be packing your body full of vitamins and minerals and the best source of high quality nutrients like these are wholefoods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. So things like bananas, berries or even dried fruit are great at breakfast time. As are eggs, natural yoghurt or cottage cheese.

Olympic protein smoothies

Almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and golden linseed are also perfect for energy boosting which is why we pack lots of them into our protein smoothies.
So whatever your own Olympic goals are over the next couple of weeks make sure to fuel them with a good healthy diet.

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