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Gluten free - The diet of champions

Lorna McCann15 Jul 2016
Gluten free - The diet of champions

He may have crashed out of this year’s Wimbledon early in a shock performance against Sam Querrey but Novak Djokovic still holds the flag as the world’s number one tennis player.

As a 12-time grand slam champion and current holder of all four major titles his dominance on court is unquestionable and has been since around 2011 when he won 43 out of 44 matches on the men’s tour.

So what’s been the secret recipe behind this particular champion’s success? A rigorous regime on and off court, discipline and lots of training are no doubt among the mix but according to the Serb himself, a large part of his success has been down to diet and a few simple changes like cutting out gluten - a protein found in wheat, rye and many processed foods.

Here at Purition we know many people favour a gluten free diet similar to Djokovic because of the associated health benefits such as better digestion and weight loss but we are also very aware that for others there is no choice.

Living with a gluten intolerance

For those diagnosed with coeliac disease or a gluten intolerance it can mean having to change your diet completely whether you choose to or not and this can be difficult.

The good news is with the number of diagnosed cases increasing year on year, businesses across the UK are responding - adapting and their products or developing new ones to suit people with specific dietary requirements.

Restaurants are adding more gluten-free dishes to their menus and the range of gluten-free products available from local supermarkets is improving all the time.

Here at Purition we have been among those forward-thinking businesses having developed an entire range of gluten-free wholefood protein shakes.

But, our work doesn’t stop here and we are continually looking at ways to improve our product and develop new flavours and recipe ideas.

On that note, for those looking to add a bit more excitement and zing to their gluten-free diet we think you’ll agree that our latest mojito smoothie recipe is one fit for champions!


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