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Purition is a real food alternative to meal replacements shakes and protein supplements.
Try our healthy wholefood shake instead of very low calorie meal replacement shakes for a healthy approach to weight loss. Made with the very best and natural whole food ingredients your grandmother would recognise. Purition is so much more than a natural protein powder too, our balanced blend provides a quick, delicious, gluten free, low carb breakfast smoothie or quick lunch when you don't have time to cook. Purition is also available made with 100% plant based proteins for our vegan and dairy free customers. High protein, low sugar, healthy omega fats and fibre from whole foods. Purition is not a meal replacement shake. A meal replacement shake is a supplement not food. Purition is food and therefore can not be classified as a meal replacement. Purition is not designed to replace meals. Purition is real food and therefore a meal.

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