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Festive Choccy Orange Smoothie Bowl

Festive Choccy Orange Smoothie Bowl

Christmas, what a wonderful time of year full of celebrations and laughter. Having made a conscious effort to eat healthily all year, it’s the season for us to be merry and allow ourselves a little extra indulgence - daily chocolates from the advent calendar, a little mulled wine maybe and of course that delicious roast with all the trimmings!

We know it’s important to eat well, but at such a sociable time of year this can be tricky (particularly with all those mince pies lying around!). Not that we don’t all deserve a treat - especially at Christmas - but it’s about trying to maintain balance as best we can.

Having Purition for breakfast can certainly help with this, it offers the nutrients we need and helps keep us full, so we can make better food choices throughout the rest of the day. That’s why we’ve put together this deliciously creamy smoothie bowl recipe.

Using our Limited Edition Chocolate Orange Purition, it’s perfect for those wanting a healthy breakfast as well as a little extra indulgence first thing in the morning...


Ingredients: Purition Chocolate Orange Smoothie Bowl

40g Purition Chocolate Orange

50g Greek or Natural yogurt

50ml Preferred milk

¼ orange slices and zest

1 square dark chocolate, grated (optional)



Add Purition, yogurt and milk to blender

Blitz on low until smooth & creamy

Pour mix into a bowl



Top with orange slices

Add a sprinkle of dark chocolate and orange zest



Merry Christmas!

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