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Everyone is talking about: Dairy and Diabetes

Helen Foster25 Sep 2014
Everyone is talking about: Dairy and Diabetes

Here’s some exciting news – saturated fats in a dairy products may reduce your risk of Type II diabetes say not one, not two but three new studies.

According to researchers in Sweden those eating the highest intake of dairy foods had a 23 percent lower risk of developing type II diabetes than those avoiding the white stuff. On top of this Canadian doctors found those regularly eating yogurt and cream had lower blood pressure and blood sugar than non eaters.

Why, is still a bit of a mystery but in their study which also showed a correlation researchers from the University of Cambridge put forward an interesting theory. Different types of fat have different numbers of carbon atoms within them – and eating lots of foods that have an odd number of atoms like dairy products seems to protect against Type II diabetes, while diets high in those with an even number don’t have the same protective benefits. Researchers now need to tease out exactly what the atoms are doing to help us.

In the meantime though, whisk up your Purition shake with milk and some yogurt and make your body happy.

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