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Eat the Seasons!

Purition05 Mar 2018
Eat the Seasons!

We believe in eating what's in season as well as supporting British and local farmers. Food is so readily available these days, coming in numerous different types and from all around the world. We've almost forgotten what it means to eat the seasons and what benefit this has on us and the environment.


There are several good reasons to eat more local, seasonal food:

  • It reduces the energy required to grow and transport food around the world, meaning less CO² emissions.
  •  Food that has come a long way is more expensive.
  •  It supports the local economy and helps local farmers.
  •  Seasonal food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious.
  •  To connect more with natures cycles and appreciate what’s on offer.


So, what's in season right now?

  • Strawberries - Beautiful juicy berries!  In season and at their best from May until July in the UK. Loaded with folate, vitamin C, potassium and fibre. Low GI and anti-inflammatory. Did you know over 8,600 punnets of strawberries are consumed daily at Wimbledon?


  • Raspberries - Bursting with antioxidants, vitamin C and manganese, fibre, omega's and vitamin K. The raspberry season in the UK is long and runs from June - October, so there's plenty of time to PYO and stock up on these powerhouse berries - they freeze well too!


  • Blackcurrants - Another fruit that's rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Blackcurrants have four times more vitamin C than oranges and twice as many antioxidants as blueberries. Available in season for only 4 weeks during July - grab them while you can!


Enjoy eating the Seasons


🎾 Sport is seasonal too and summer means Wimbledon!

Summer's finally here, which means it's time to get excited about Wimbledon. To celebrate, here's some more fun facts about Britain's most loved sporting event...

  • Wimbledon tops the charts for the largest sports catering event in Europe, employing over 1800 staff each year.


  • 🥂 On average 235,000 glasses of Pimm's and 28,000 bottles of champagne are consumed over the two-week tournament - watching tennis must be thirsty work!


  • 🍓 Strawberries must be of the finest quality. The Grade 1 Kent berries arrive at the grounds around 5:30am every morning where each is inspected and hulled before serving.


  • Around 142,000 portions of strawberries are consumed by hungry punters during the event. There's no less than 10 juicy strawberries per portion, now that's a lot of cream!


Our NEW Limited Edition is Seasonal too and won't be around for long!

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