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Everyone’s talking about – Eating the Seasons

Natalie Saxton21 May 2015
Everyone’s talking about – Eating the Seasons

At Purition HQ we believe in eating what’s in season and supporting British farmers. Food is so readily available now in all types from all around the world that we have forgotten what it means to eat the seasons and what benefit this has on you and the world.

Eat local seasonal food

There are several good reasons to eat more local, seasonal food:

  • It reduces the energy required to grow and transport food around the world, less CO² emissions
  • Food that has come a long way is more expensive
  • It supports the local economy and helps local farmers
  • Seasonal food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious
  • To connect more with natures cycles and appreciate what’s on offer

It’s Asparagus season so here are five ways with asparagus:

  • Griddle in a pan with butter and drizzle with olive oil and shavings of Parmesan
  • Serve with a lemon and tarragon hollandaise sauce
  • Steam it then wrap it in Parma ham and place under the grill, you could add a thin slice of grilled halloumi and then wrap. Grill until the ham crisps at the ends then drizzle with olive oil and black pepper
  • Dip the ends into your runny eggs in the morning


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