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Everyone's Talking About: Eating Ostrich

Helen Foster07 Aug 2014
Everyone's Talking About: Eating Ostrich

It’s not something you’d necessarily expect to find on the shelves of a mainstream British supermarket, but with Tesco currently selling ostrich kebabs and Aldi and Lidl rumoured to be following suit later this year the big black and white bird might be appearing on a BBQ near you soon. Which isn't a bad thing for your health.

Despite being a red meat, ostrich has just 3g of fat per 100g  - that’s around half the fat of chicken and a third of that in beef. Despite that it’s a very flavourful, substantial meat and so doesn't leave you feeling deprived as so many low-fat foods can.

Comparable to beef

In terms of other nutrients it’s comparable to beef in terms of its iron content and also contains potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Ostrich farmers also claim it’s the most digestible red meat as its low in collagen which makes it easier for your body to break it down.

Exactly why Tesco are selling kebabs not steaks they haven’t said – perhaps they’re hoping to capitalise on the novelty factor of bringing an exotic meat to a BBQ (but then have you realised how tasty it is).

If you’d prefer to try a plain steak, over 2000 local butchers in the UK also sell ostrich, as do some branches of Wholefoods and specialist exotic meat suppliers like Kezie foods (keziefoods.co.uk). One top tip though – don’t cook for long. Its low fat content means it’ll dry out very quickly.

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