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Read here why we don’t use organic products

Purition10 Aug 2016
Read here why we don’t use organic products

Here at Purition we love organically grown fresh fruit and vegetables - you can’t beat them for all sorts of reasons. They taste better, they’re more nutritious and they don’t come with all the pesticide nasties of conventional fruit and veg.

In fact, we love organic produce so much that most of the Purition team are big fans of growing their own at home.

So why don’t we use organically grown seeds and nuts in our Purition blends? This is a question we get asked a lot by our customers so we thought we would share our thoughts.

We're proud to shop local

The answer is quite simple - as a company we like to source our ingredients as locally as possible.

If we used organic nuts and seeds it would mean sourcing products from the other side of the world from countries such as China. This is where most of the world’s so called ‘organic’ seeds and nuts are grown and it’s where most of the organic nuts and seeds found on supermarket shelves come from.

It’s maybe not the image you have in mind as you drop your carefully selected packet of ‘organic’ nuts or seeds into your shopping basket and, for us, it doesn’t fit with our company image either.

We like to source the best possible ingredients at all times so for us that means buying golden linseed grown in the UK, pumpkin seeds from Greece and milk from British grass-fed cows.

Here in the UK, we have some of the best animal welfare standards in the world so it makes sense to use whey from British cows. Currently, there is no organic whey production in the UK. We could of course buy organic whey from abroad but we are not entirely convinced by the ‘organic’ whey credentials.

We source other products like our coconut flour from slightly further afield in Sri-Lanka, where the coconuts are organically grown, and our sesame seeds come from India.

Our approach is to opt for quality, great tasting ingredients to use in our products.

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