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Everyone’s Talking About: Desk Workouts

Purition10 Feb 2018
Everyone’s Talking About: Desk Workouts

When it comes to health risks sitting down all day is proving to be as bad for us as smoking. As we sit we produce lower levels of hormones that remove fats from our blood, our arteries become less elastic and we don’t balance blood sugar as effectively all of which can raise our risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Even exercise enthusiasts can’t counteract the damage with new research from the University of Texas estimating that the negative impact of two hours of sitting actually negates the health boost you get from a 20 minute workout. So, what are we to do?

Mini exercise bikes

Well the latest trend is actually working out as you work. Companies are producing everything from mini exercise bikes to under desk steppers that you can use as you sit. One school in North Carolina has even created a room full of recumbent exercise bikes in which students can pedal while they read.

We gave one under desk bike a try and increased our daily exercise by 30 minutes and burned an extra 250 calories!

If your office isn’t set up for the latest trend, then at the very least scientists now say we need to walk around for about five minutes once an hour to help counteract some of the negative impacts of sitting.  Try pacing next time you’re on the phone.

Blog Post Author: Helen Foster for Purition

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