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Everyone’s Talking About: Cold Pressed Juice

Helen Foster16 Jun 2014
Everyone’s Talking About: Cold Pressed Juice

Up until now, for most of us, juice has been juice – but with the recent  arrival of London’s first cold-pressed juice bar Roots and Bulbs, everyone’s buzzing about the idea that the way juice is processed might make a difference to how good for you it is. So, what is cold pressing?

Easy – most normal juice is made by a machine that uses very fast spinning blades to process the fruit, centrifugal force them separates juice and pulp. Cold pressed juice however doesn’t use blades and instead presses the fruit at very high pressure to pulverise it.

Extract more nutrients

This, according to cold pressed devotees leads to two fundamental differences – because the juice in this method isn’t exposed to heat from the whirring blades it contains more enzymes; plus, they say pressing also extracts more nutrients from ingredients –particularly in the case of vegetables.

Which is better is a debate that will run and run (until someone scientifically tests the two processes anyway). Certainly the cold pressed juices we’ve tasted do have a darker colour and a more intense taste – but they are also more expensive.

Fact is, any freshly made juice is a good source of concentrated nutrients –but do beware of the high sugar content in predominantly fruit based juices. Oh, and finally, watch out for an offshoot trend.

Juicing bloggers are coming up with heaps of ideas of what to do with the pulp from leftover juice. We’ve seen recipes for all sorts including pulp ‘burgers’, muffins, cakes, soup and ice lollies.

For optimal health and weight-loss we say eat as many green leafy vegetables as you can. Drinking your greens is a great way to pack in even more dark green leafy vegetables into your diet!

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