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It's Coffee Week

It's Coffee Week

Although we’re not a coffee producer or a coffee shop (and we don’t even have coffee shakes… now that’s a new product development idea!), we spotted this campaign and thought it was a wonderfully clever way to support a great charity. Just having a coffee with friends will help provide fresh water for those who need it most. In this day and age, surely clean drinking water is a basic human right which every person in the world should have access to?

So, in the spirit of Coffee Week and to raise awareness for this great campaign, we have put together a coffee shake recipe for you to try and share with your friends.

Mochaccino Purition Style

Add 40g of Chocolate Purition whole food shake (or try our vegan whole food shake) to 200ml of your milk of choice. Mix one heaped teaspoon of instant coffee with a small amount of warm water. Blend all together and voila, a healthy caffeine fix with a hint of naughtiness! You can even sprinkle with some grated dark chocolate for an extra treat.

We hope you enjoy your Mochaccino Purition and if you do, please get involved and support your local coffee shop on Coffee Week, or share this post to raise awareness.

And to all those fundraising barista’s, we salute you, and wish everyone involved in Coffee Week a successful few days!

You can use your favourite Purition flavour, or try a new one!
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