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Can I mix Purition with water?

Purition12 Jun 2018
Can I mix Purition with water?

We understand why you might ask this.

Most commercial protein powders can be mixed with water in a shaker bottle - But as you have probably understood by now, Purition is much more than 'just a protein shake' and so requires a little more TLC due to its natural characteristics and quirks.

To be honest we don’t think that mixing Purition with water is the best way to make or to enjoy your Purition shake. If you mix with water, it just tastes, well... watery. The natural ingredients contained in our blends work far better with milk or your favourite milk alternative - unsweetened nut milk tastes delicious with Purition, as it provides a natural creaminess without the need for unnecessary milk powders or creamers.


To enjoy Purition at its best:

Blend 40g of Purition with 250ml cold milk/ nut milk and drink straight away.


If you like to make more of a 'Smoothie' for breakfast and enjoy including other ingredients (like frozen berries or a little banana for example), using water works - adding a spoonful of yoghurt for a little natural creaminess is delicious too.

You can use a shaker if you need to - when you're away from home and you don't have your blender to hand, you'll still need to shake with milk though. Be aware, shaking it is not for the uninitiated! It has a completely different texture when prepared this way, much thinner with a delicious and nutritious nutty crunch at the end!


There are other ways in which you can use Purition if you fancy trying something different, see here for some alternative serving suggestions. If you try any of them, or have any interesting recipes you'd like to share, tag us in your pictures @puritionuk


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