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Berry-nice Blendie

Berry-nice Blendie

Most of us enjoy a good smoothie, strawberry and banana being one of the most popular flavours available, but have you ever tried to make one at home?

Below is a simple recipe which, using Purition, can be enjoyed not only as a tasty drink but also as a filling breakfast. We have also incorporated raspberries to give this protein smoothie even more of a delicious twist!
(Note: if wanting to make this as a snack use half of the recipe, but keep the 250ml milk)


Ingredients:Raspberry, strawberry & banana smoothie Recipe

  1. 4 x 10g scoops of Strawberry Purition
  2. Small handful of raspberries (6-8, about 15g)
  3. 3 strawberries
  4. 1/2 small banana
  5. 250ml of chilled milk



  1. Cut the strawberries and banana into quarters, the raspberries can stay whole
  2. Add the fruits to your blender
  3. Pour over the milk (if you prefer to use a dairy free, plant-based milk, coconut, almond or oat milk also works well)
  4. Measure 4 level scoops (40g) of Strawberry blend and add to a NutriBullet or your favourite blender
  5. Give it all a really good blast, 30 - 40 seconds should do it
  6. Pour into a large glass and enjoy!


Our recipe has also been included in this list of 8 Scrumptious Smoothie Recipes To Try At Home by Grace Dale.

You can use your favourite Purition flavour, or try a new one!
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