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Everyone’s talking about: Bacteria and junk food

Natalie Saxton14 May 2015
Everyone’s talking about: Bacteria and junk food

More evidence has emerged from a leading academic that junk food not only makes us fat it actually kills the good bacteria in the gut that helps keep us thin. Good bacteria keeps the gut healthy and supports your immune system, it also helps your body burn calories.

Professor Tim Spector of King’s College London says, the microbes that live in our body make up 90% of living cells, so if they become disrupted the effect can be an increase in body fat. If you continue with a diet lacking in REAL food that prevents healthy bacteria growing the effect, is obesity.

In the study it was found that processed food ingredients in fast food and sweeteners in diet fizzy drinks had damaging effects on the metabolism, leading to weight gain.

Natural whole food ingredients

Our ancestors ate a diet rich and varied in whole foods that supported their health and kept them thin. It is believed that we now have considerably less healthy microbes in the gut and scientists are being to understand the significance of these on our health.

The same study found that we overconsume grains and other starchy foods as well as oils, fats (trans fats) and sugar and too little vegetables, fruit and whole food ingredients that nourish the body and improve the metabolism.

So ditch the junk and start increasing wholefoods in your diet to give your body the best chance at preventing fat gain and making you ill.

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