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An Environmental Update

Purition20 Feb 2019
An Environmental Update

Since removing scoops from the majority of bags 12 months ago (Feb 2018) we have reduced 385kg of plastic, but we have not stopped there.

Just like a yawn or a smile - positive change is catching!

✔️ The scoops are now made within 20 miles of our production facility and from a stronger (so they last longer) and a widely recyclable material.

✔️ We have also reduced the size of our cardboard packing boxes for single bag orders.

✔️ We hope to trial fully recyclable packaging within the next 12 months and will keep you posted.

Minimal packaging <2g of non-recycle material per meal and zero food waste!

For more information on how we operate and what kind of responsibility we take for the environment and our place in it, click here. Alternatively, if you wish to learn more about us watch our new production video, which shows the journey of Purition from field to your doorstep.



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