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  • New to Purition? Here’s our top 5 tips for newbies

    Whatever your reasons are for choosing Purition; weight-loss, fitness goals or maybe you’re just looking to improve your diet or be more mindful about what you’re eating… Continue reading Read more

  • Rebalancing your hormones through the right breakfast at the right time by Kat D'Andrea

    "It’s the small changes that can create the greatest difference to our health... have a balanced diet including protein, fibre and essential fatty acids first thing in the morning... feed your body with natural foods and remedies..." Have you ever heard the saying ‘Break-in-the-Fast’? The term breakfast literally means, “breaking the fast”. It is... Read more
  • Our plan to reduce unnecessary plastics

    Purition is all about being healthier and having a big passion for natural ingredients. We also care about the big difference that a number of small steps can make. So this month we are very pleased to announce that, from now on, we shall be ceasing our production of including... Read more
  • Healthy evening meals for weight-loss

    Are you using Purition for weight-loss? Do you need some ideas of what to eat in the evening? Maybe you struggle to find simple supper ideas that the whole family can enjoy? You’re not alone, we get asked that question an awful lot, so we decided to put together a... Read more
  • Lime and Coconut Thai Style Chicken

    It's really hard to believe that a recipe so quick and simple can be so tasty! This dish is a real winner amongst our family and friends and is one of the most requested! Make sure you grab this handful of fresh ingredients in your shop this weekend and get... Read more
  • Easy Salmon Tray Bake Recipe

    Here’s our real food, simple supper recipe for the weekend. You have to love including some fish a few times a week in your diet, it’s always one of those go-to meals... you know, when you don’t know what to eat or what you fancy? Salmon as we’ve used here... Read more
  • Meet Kat D’Andrea

    Kat D'Andrea - dipNT CNM, mBANT, rCNHC - is a London based specialist in Women’s Hormonal Health & Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, and is dedicated to help those who have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Endometriosis and also those who suffer with PMS. Kat wrote us a previous Journal entry titled:  Rebalancing... Read more
  • Protein Pancakes

    One of our lovely customers posted this protein pancake recipe using Purition so we thought we'd share it for you. Pancakes are for life, not just Shrove Tuesday! Ingredients: 1 Mashed banana 2 eggs A splash of milk 1 or 2 scoops of Purition 1 Tsp of coconut oil  ... Read more
  • Nic's Nutrition Product Review

    If you’re familiar with my blog then you’ll know that I’m a big fan of discovering new, healthy and ‘clean’ products. By this, I mean products that are as natural as they can be, with out any added ‘rubbish’ that we just don’t need! Introducing Purition @puritionuk, the producers of 100% natural, low... Read more
  • Is Purition a Meal Replacement?

    Purition is a real food, healthier alternative to meal replacement products and protein shakes to help you slim down and shape up the natural way   Our wholefood nutrition drinks just make the process of achieving your goals that little bit easier. There’s no special shopping, no food preparation and... Read more
  • Italian Style Sausage Casserole

    A lovely Wintery dish! One the whole family will enjoy and very easy to prepare. A great one for the slow cooker too. Start the cooking process on the hob (stage 1) and then add to the slow cooker with the rest of the ingredients and allow to cook on... Read more
  • Meet Ali Cooper - Personal trainer, coach, pilates teacher, avid runner and mother

    For the past 16 years Ali Cooper has trained and worked with amazing adults, children, groups and companies. Her experience, knowledge and passion help people to achieve their health and fitness goals and be the best they can. Ali's fitness journey began in childhood and from a young age was... Read more
  • Chicken, Tomato and Avocado Stack

    Quick, super easy and one the troops will enjoy! Perfect weekend 'quick bite' to enjoy with family and friends! Take advantage of the last few light nights, fire up the bbq and cook your chicken over hot coals! When using Purition for weight loss or weight management, it's important that... Read more
  • Looking for a healthy Chilli con Carne recipe?

    A firm favourite and absolute classic is a Friday night Chilli, right? Here's our take, no need for ready made spice sachets - Guessing you've got half of these spices in your cupboard already! This is a great weekend recipe; cook it up during the day, let it sit and... Read more
  • Swap Pasta for Courgettes!

    Eat the seasons: Swap Pasta for Courgettes! It’s Summer! Time to swap out heavy pasta for the humble summer squash... the courgette or zucchini (plural) as it’s also known, in season now and delicious. Continue to enjoy your favourite pasta meals guilt free, without the heavy and glutenous carbohydrates of... Read more
  • Lunch Break = Lunch or Appointment?

    How about making an appointment with Lunch? An opportunity for half an hour or an hour, for some time to fuel up for the rest of the afternoon. Lunch is often neglected and eaten in a hurry ‘on the hop’ as we rush to get another job done or quick... Read more
  • Do you love breakfast?

    For decades, we’ve been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we completely agree and regardless of or whatever the reasons are for that, the difference you feel, both physically and mentally, on the days you do or don’t have breakfast you can’t ignore. The proof... Read more
  • Our 'Nearly Greek' Salad

    A team favourite here at Purition HQ! Quite simply a taste of the Greek Isles on a plate. Our ‘Nearly Greek’ Salad makes a superb side dish to any grilled meat or fish or as a meal in itself. Leftovers are great for your salad bowl at lunchtime… if you’re... Read more
  • The Benefits of Blueberries

    Adding a handful of blueberries is a really simple way of packing an extra punch to your healthy breakfast smoothie. They’ve long been considered a ‘Superfood’ or ‘The Powerhouse’ of all fruits and berries and for good reason too! Not only do they contain high levels of antioxidants (and heaps... Read more
  • Healthy Cauliflower Rice Recipe

    When using Purition for weight loss or weight management, it's important that you eat a good home cooked meal that compliments your new healthy eating regime and maximise your potential for losing the most body fat in the shortest time. Ideally, your evening meal needs to be full of nourishing... Read more
  • Fresh and Fiery Blendie

    If you're a fan of ginger then this is the blendie for you. We have combined the rawness of carrot, freshness of orange and fieriness of ginger to make this a super blendie ideal for breakfast or lunch. You can also make this Vegan friendly by using our Raw Vegan... Read more
  • Piña Colada Blendie

    If you like a piña colada then you will most certainly enjoy this blendie recipe. Although most of us would rather be sat on a beach enjoying such a drink, it will still bring a little bit of sunshine to your day. If you’re feeling extra tropical, try adding a... Read more
  • Sweet Essential Hydrator

    Avocado and cucumber may sound like the type of ingredients you would usually put in your lunch time salad, but they can also make a great addition to your blendie. Adding the mango brings a little bit of natural sweetness to this cool green shake. If you’d like to make... Read more
  • Greenery Goodness Blendie

    The idea of spinach in your morning shake may not be everyone’s idea of heaven… but don’t worry, we have also included pineapple and coconut water to give it a sweeter edge. The best thing, you can feel good knowing that you have started your morning off having a dose... Read more
  • Bananas about Blueberries Blendie

    This blueberry and banana blendie makes a fantastic and filling choice of breakfast. If you would like to make this into a Vegan blendie, simply use Raw Vegan Vanilla Purition and your choice of dairy free milk.   Ingredients: 4 x 10g scoops of Macadamia & Vanilla Purition small handful... Read more
  • British Summertime Blendie

    Blackberries and mint together are a delicious combination, especially during the summer. This blendie can also be made Vegan friendly, simply swap out the Macadamia & Vanilla blend for our Raw Vegan Vanilla blend. To make our delicious and fresh tasting blackberry and mint blendie please follow the recipe below... Read more
  • Berry-nice Blendie

    Most of us enjoy a good smoothie, strawberry and banana being one of the most popular flavours available, but have you ever tried to make one at home? Below is a simple recipe which, using Purition of course, can be enjoyed not only as a tasty drink but also as... Read more
  • Beet ’n’ Apple Blendie

    You may have never thought about adding beetroot into a drink, but it is not to be overlooked. Not only does beetroot bring amazing colour, but it also has great nutritional value. The pineapple adds a punch of sharp sweetness to contrast the earthy beetroot. So, be bold, give your... Read more
  • The New Year - Achieving a Simple Start

    Tomorrow is new year's eve and the motto ‘new year, new you’, is what seems to be sold to us at the start of every year. It isn’t that easy though, it is hard to change and even harder to keep that change going. It can all depend on our... Read more
  • Super Chocolatey Orange Shake!

    You are probably looking at your calendar not quite believing that we are now only two full days away from Christmas day. December seems to have flown by and in that time it has been very very easy to slip into bad eating habits. Not that we don’t all deserve... Read more
  • Orange and Ginger Christmassy Shake

    It may only be the second week of December, but it feels to us as if Christmas started months ago! At this point it may seem like the season is beginning to drag out a little, that is why we have created a Christmassy shake to help get you back... Read more
  • Matt Helliker Alpinist - Interview

    Matt, we hear you are back in the UK for two weeks, can you tell us where you are and what you’re up to? I’ve been back in the UK to rock climb and to also do a series of lectures and to show my last film that I featured... Read more
  • Oat ’n’ Raisin Cookies

    Love baking? Well so do we! In the Purition office we also like to experiment with our baking, creating recipes which sometimes work...and sometimes don’t. This recipe however definitely works, and with the twist of the coconut oil it proved a hit with the rest of the staff. Avoiding sugar... Read more
  • Keep the big 'C' at bay with your diet

    There is no food that can prevent you from getting breast cancer, at least not yet anyway. But there are certainly many foods that you can eat to keep you healthy, boost your immune system and therefore help to lower your risk of developing cancer. This month here at Purition... Read more
  • Chia Pudding

    Here in the Purition office we all do our best to eat well, but we know it is not always easy with bad temptations lurking around every corner. We all like, and need, to enjoy a little bit of indulgence, but sometimes it isn’t worth the cost of compromising on... Read more
  • British Food Fortnight - Tibberton CE Primary School

    Earlier this month we teamed up with pupils at Tibberton CE Primary School to talk about British Food Fortnight and healthy eating. As part of our visit to the school we got the children involved in making their own healthy, sugar-free smoothies and we had lots of fun. We also... Read more
  • Mum of two Julia shares her inspirational journey with Purition

    As you know Purition has turned pink this October to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we’ve teamed up with Breast Cancer Care to launch our new limited edition raspberry protein shake. Available to buy soon, £1 from every bag sold will be donated to the charity, which works to... Read more
  • Purition turns pink to support Breast Cancer Care

    Every 10 minutes someone somewhere in the UK is diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s about the same time it takes for most of us to make our bed in the morning and brew our first cup of tea. Over the course of a year this equates to almost 60,000 people... Read more
  • Purition helps sugar smart pupils whip up healthy smoothies

    Here at Purition it’s been an exciting week doing something a little bit different. We’ve been busy talking to local school pupils about the dangers of consuming too much sugar and, what fun we had. We went spent the entire morning on Tuesday at Tibberton CE Primary School here in... Read more
  • We team up with pupils to celebrate British food & drink

    Here at Purition we have teamed up with one of our local primary schools as part of a national campaign to celebrate British food and drink. Held every autumn, at the same time as many schools are holding their own harvest festival celebrations, British Food Fortnight (September 17 to October... Read more
  • Great Purition Bake Off - Botanical Week

    It was a never before seen challenge on the Great British Bake Off this week with contestants put under pressure to reveal their botanical baking skills. The challenge also came as a slight curve ball to Great Purition Bake Off contestant Alastair who was due his turn in the Purition... Read more
  • Great Purition Bake Off: Bacon and spinach tart

    It’s been a tense time for the Purition Bake Off team. With most of us harbouring a history of pastry disasters no one was looking forward to being selected for this week’s challenge. But, someone had to give it a go and it was our PR girl Lorna who stepped... Read more
  • Batter week in the Great Purition Bake Off

    There’s been all sorts of speculation floating around this week about who might replace Mel and Sue once the Great British Bake Off moves to Channel 4 next year but here at Purition we’ve not let all the controversy get in the way of our baking! Last night was batter... Read more
  • The Great Purition Bake Off - Recipes

    Purition Pistachio Bread Ingredients 130g of Pistachio Purition 2 tbsp mixed herbs salt and pepper 100g flour 5 egg whites, whisked 7g of yeast 200ml of warm water 2 tbsp olive oil (we used basil infused for extra flavour) Method In a bowl combine all the dry ingredients. Add the... Read more
  • Meet the bakers

    From left to right: Brad, Jill, Al, Gayle, Edward, Lou, Rob, Lorna, Harry, Phillipa   Here at Purition we’re supporting the nation’s favourite TV programme - The Great British Bake Off - by pulling on our aprons and challenging ourselves to come up with some new super recipes. Each week... Read more
  • Let the kids take over the kitchen!

    Eek, we hear you cry. What about all that mess? Well, how about looking beyond the mess and instead focusing on the fun we can have with our children in the kitchen. As parents, we can teach our children from a really young age the importance of nutrition, healthy eating... Read more
  • Did you start your day with a chocolate milkshake today?

    We did. Be rude not to really. After all it is Chocolate Milkshake Day! Well, when we say chocolate milkshake, we of course mean one of our chocolate flavoured Purition wholefood shakes, which is at least healthy and wholesome being made from 100% natural ingredients. That’s far more than can... Read more
  • Purition gets Baking!

    So as we head into week four of the Great British Bake Off the nation is already hooked and so are we. So far the bakers have already tried their hand at cakes, biscuits and bread and before we get too far into the competition we thought we would show... Read more
  • Post Natal Depression - can good eating habits help?

    One in 10 new mothers each year will suffer from Post Natal Depression but still it remains a relatively unspoken about form of mental illness. That’s why this week we’re proud to be supporting Shropshire - based PANDAS Foundation (Pre and Post Natal Depression Advice and Support) by helping to... Read more
  • Post Natal Nutrition - getting it right!

    As a new mum (or dad for that matter) it’s often very easy to forget about you and your needs. Your daily goals are so focused on caring for your new bundle of joy - feeding, changing nappies and showering them with cuddles and affection that you forfeit your own... Read more
  • Purition whey protein meets sports testing standards

    As the sun sets over Rio, another Summer Olympic Games comes to an end. With an amazing performance from the GB team, resulting in 67 medals, there have been some amazing highs for this particular games, but there have also been some lows, with Rio being branded as the ‘worst... Read more
  • Read here why we don’t use organic products

    Here at Purition we love organically grown fresh fruit and vegetables - you can’t beat them for all sorts of reasons. They taste better, they’re more nutritious and they don’t come with all the pesticide nasties of conventional fruit and veg. In fact, we love organic produce so much that... Read more
  • Purition Brigadeiro recipe

    With the nation’s attention firmly fixed on Rio De Janeiro and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games we’ve been busy seeking culinary inspiration from some popular Brazilian dishes. We’ve been whipping up a storm here in the Purition kitchens and we’re delighted to present our very own take on the Brazilian... Read more
  • Good luck Team GB

    Over the next few weeks the world’s attention will be focused on the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Thousands of athletes and thousands more sporting fans have already begun the descent on Rio De Janeiro - the home of the 31st world games. And over the next two weeks, millions of people... Read more
  • Purition set to grow with team of working mums

    The owners of a natural food production business in Shropshire are looking to grow their enterprise internationally by utilising the professional skills of part-time working mums. Forward thinking husband and wife team Edward and Louise Taylor, who co-founded Purition three years ago to manufacture a range of wholefood protein shakes... Read more
  • Alcohol free days made easy with Purition

    So recently, everyone has been talking about alcohol being the direct cause of several different types of cancers. It’s not the best news for anyone but particularly those of us who look forward to winding down for the weekend with a glass of wine, beer or other preferred tipple. So... Read more
  • Gluten free - The diet of champions

    He may have crashed out of this year’s Wimbledon early in a shock performance against Sam Querrey but Novak Djokovic still holds the flag as the world’s number one tennis player. As a 12-time grand slam champion and current holder of all four major titles his dominance on court is... Read more
  • Pomegranates, really the secret to a long and youthful life?

    Well, according to scientists the answer is yes and the reason being - because the ruby red fruit is packed full of a ‘miracle’ ingredient that helps to strengthen ageing muscles. According to reports in the Daily Mail and The Telegraph newspapers this week researchers in Switzerland made the discovery... Read more
  • The Shrewsbury Club work with Purition

    Tennis fans in Shrewsbury will be swapping their Pimms cocktail for something a bit healthier during this weekend’s Wimbledon finals thanks to the team at the town’s leading tennis and health club. The Hub, based at The Shrewsbury Club, work with Purition – a local business – to provide a... Read more
  • Is Purition RAW?

    Last week we were asked if Purition was RAW? Sadly, there is no legal definition of raw, but to us and any raw food enthusiast, raw means that your bean, nut or seed will sprout. As Purition contains 70% seeds and nuts, we decided to test our raw credentials! We... Read more
  • Keep it healthy - should you be living gluten free?

    At Purition, we are proud to have developed products that are delicious but also gluten free. So when we saw it was Coeliac awareness week, we wanted to find out more. Did you know around 1% of the UK population has coeliac disease? And as only 24% are diagnosed, it... Read more
  • Will it be picnic weather?

    With the great British May bank holiday upon us, we know many of you will be picnic packed and countryside bound this weekend, whatever the weather! Healthy picnic ideas Although most picnics are delicious, they are not always the most nutritious meal. Many picnic foods are high in calories, fat... Read more
  • Top tips for new joggers

    Whether you’ve tried running before or have caught the bug after watching the inspirational stories around the London marathon this weekend, we’ve scoured the depths of fitness fact and fiction to bring you some of the best basic tips when it comes to taking up running. 6 tips and tricks for... Read more
  • The 2016 London Marathon

    Yesterday almost 40,000 people took to the streets of London to take part in one of the major events in the UK sporting calendar – the London Marathon. But did you know it started in a pub? Back in the late 1970’s members of a London running club, including John... Read more
  • The surprising benefits of Garlic

    Today is Garlic Day. Why someone made 19th April the day of the ‘stinking rose’, we’re not sure, but we are glad someone did, as the humble garlic is indeed one of nature’s wonder drugs. Top health benefits of Garlic We all know that garlic is a highly nutritious vegetable and... Read more
  • It's Coffee Week

    Although we’re not a coffee producer or a coffee shop (and we don’t even have coffee shakes… now that’s a new product development idea!), we spotted this campaign and thought it was a wonderfully clever way to support a great charity. Just having a coffee with friends will help provide... Read more
  • World Health Day

    This year World Health Day is focusing on diabetes – a cause close to our heart – but why is it so important? Diabetes, the emerging global epidemic About 347 million people worldwide currently have diabetes and there is an emerging global epidemic that can be traced back to rapid... Read more
  • Negative charge water helps weight loss!

    Over the years, there have been numerous April Fools hoaxes that have caught the attention of the nation. When we looked, it was amazing how many of these related to food, diet and exercise! In 2000, the Daily Mail reported on a new brand of socks designed to help people... Read more
  • Simnel Smoothie

    In the spirit of the recent Easter festivities, without all the chocolate, we’ve developed this simple Simnel Smoothie recipe for you! Easter Simnel Smoothie recipe What you'll need: Purition Almond wholefood protein shake Almond milk (250ml) Half a banana A sprinkle of fresh nutmeg How it's made: Simply blend half a... Read more
  • Can you really have a healthy Easter?

    With 30ft chocolate hens, hot cross bun mountains and even a chocolate Loch Ness Monster, its difficult to see past all the unhealthy treats when it comes to Easter. So we wanted to ask the question “Can you really have a healthy Easter?”. And we found, when you get past... Read more
  • Put a Spring in your Step with Purition’s 48 hour Kick Start

    With the Spring Equinox already upon us yesterday, statistics show that 80% of our new year health and fitness resolutions have already been broken. Experts, however, are not surprised. With so many people trying to change so many things in their lives, all at once, they say its no wonder... Read more
  • December Instagram Competition Winner

    A huge congratulations to @zaaarn on winning our monthly Purition Instagram competition for December! Christmas Competition Winner We loved your Christmassy snap! You've won our December Instagram competition, and 3 500g bags of our Purition wholefood protein shakes are on their way to you, we hope you enjoy! Remember that entering the monthly competition... Read more
  • Purition review by Laura Sherriff

    Laura Sherriff wellness specialist Television presenter, live events presenter and a fully qualified personal trainer. She's a qualified fitness professional who works hard to keep herself in great shape all whilst posting workouts and recipes along with useful hints and tips to get you fitter. Find out what Laura thinks about Purition in the video below... Read more
  • Is Purition suitable for children?

    This is picture of our eight year old enjoying a Macadamia & Vanilla smoothie for breakfast with milk and half a banana! That's the great thing about Purition, it's real food and suitable for the whole family to enjoy. natural whole food nutrition Fuel your day with natural whole food... Read more
  • Blackberry & Almond Breakfast Smoothie

    To celebrate the end of a fantastic blackberry harvest and just before we freeze the last of this years crop for use over winter we thought we'd share a simple smoothie recipe with you. Read more
  • September Instagram Competition Winner

    A huge congratulations to @upallhoursphotos on winning our monthly Purition Instagram competition for September! We all loved your picture showing the making a Purition shake, very well done! You've won our September Instagram competition, and 3 500g bags of our Purition wholefood protein shakes are on their way to you, we hope... Read more
  • Instagram Competition Winner (June)

    A huge congratulations to Chantelle on winning the monthly Purition Instagram competition for June! Read more
  • Everyone’s talking about – Eating the Seasons

    At Purition HQ we believe in eating what’s in season and supporting British farmers. Food is so readily available now in all types from all around the world that we have forgotten what it means to eat the seasons and what benefit this has on you and the world. Read more
  • Everyone’s talking about: Bacteria and junk food

    More evidence has emerged from a leading academic that junk food not only makes us fat it actually kills the good bacteria in the gut that helps keep us thin. Good bacteria keeps the gut healthy and supports your immune system, it also helps your body burn calories. Professor Tim... Read more
  • Everyone’s Talking About: Canihua

    Just when you’d got the hang of pronouncing quinoa (keen-wa if you’re still not complete sure), come along its superfoody cousin canihua – or kaniwa - aka baby quinoa. Read more
  • Everyone’s Talking About: Scratching

    No, it’s nothing to do with relieving an itch, nor must you don DJ headphones, instead that’s the buzzword name for making food from scratch. Read more
  • Why You Should Make Your Own Kefir

    If you are serious about supporting your immune system and increasing your daily energy, then adding traditionally fermented foods to your diet is a must. Although not widely known, the health benefits of these foods are tremendous. I am a major proponent of traditionally fermented foods. Because fermentation is an... Read more
  • Everyone’s Talking About: The Perfect Breakfast

    If there’s one meal that divides people in this life it’s breakfast - some swear by it, others don’t have the time or inclination to eat anything before 11am. Scientists, it seems, are also fascinated by what we should or shouldn’t eat in the morning, and the latest study has shown... Read more
  • Everyone’s Talking About: Eating Fat

    It started last year with the publication of a few studies looking at whether fat was really bad for our hearts (perhaps not) and what happened if people ate it while losing weight (they got thinner), but 2015 looks like the year that high fat eating hits the mainstream –... Read more
  • Everyone's talking about: how we lose fat

    Most us at one time or another, intentionally or otherwise, have lost weight. But did you ever actually wonder where that fat actually went? The truth is, until recently scientists didn't completely know. They knew that fat was released from the fat cells but then what? Did we poop it... Read more
  • Everyone's talking about: Micro-seasoning

    We're big fans of eating seasonally here at Purition, after all it's when food tastes it's best and is more likely to be highest in nutrients. But chefs and foodies around the world are now taking this one step further and actually adapting how they eat fruit and vegetables determining... Read more
  • Everyone’s Talking About: Sprout Season

    Here at Purition we believe in eating with the seasons – not only is it the time when vegetables taste their best, it’s also an interesting quirk that foods in season naturally supply your body with what it needs at that time. Think about it – when are thirst quenching... Read more
  • Everyone’s Talking About: Desk Workouts

    When it comes to health risks sitting down all day is proving to be as bad for us as smoking. As we sit we produce lower levels of hormones that remove fats from our blood, our arteries become less elastic and we don’t balance blood sugar as effectively all of... Read more
  • Everyone is talking about: Dairy and Diabetes

    Here’s some exciting news – saturated fats in a dairy products may reduce your risk of Type II diabetes say not one, not two but three new studies. According to researchers in Sweden those eating the highest intake of dairy foods had a 23 percent lower risk of developing type... Read more
  • Cauliflower Mash

    This is such a delicious recipe to have as an alternative to potato mash. Get children to eat more veg Ingredients: 1 head of cauliflower 250ml of stock (veg or chicken) 1 or 2 garlic cloves Method: Boil cauliflower in stock until soft you may need a little more water... Read more
  • Ditch sugary cereal for protein-packed breakfast choices

    It seems things are changing and the message about sugar is making an impact amongst British women, who are paying more attention to their breakfast choices. Many cereal choices are no longer considered healthy, with some of them packing more sugar than a doughnut, as reported by The Daily Mail... Read more
  • Everyone’s Talking About: The New Health Maths

    If you needed another reason why you shouldn’t skimp on fat in your diet, we’ve found it. And it also helps prove that Mother Nature really is seriously clever. Here’s the news – plants + fat = a super healthy you. Why? Lowers blood pressure Because researchers at the UK’s... Read more
  • Need some ideas for low carb breakfasts?

    If you've recently started a healthy lifestyle and diet and part of your new regime is low carbohydrate, then you may be finding it difficult to think of ideas for breakfast that keep you interested. Breakfast that keeps you feeling full We know how important it is to find a... Read more
  • Everyone is Talking about: Saturated Fat and nutrition

    So we know you all enjoy some bedtime reading and here is another article on the role saturated fat plays in our diets. Recently the likes of Dr Michael Mosley have been shouting about the science behind the health message that 'saturated fat' is bad, and turned it on it's... Read more
  • Vitamix Spicy Cream of Tomato

    Here at the Purition office we like to have a dabble with random recipe ideas for lunch! Today we made this delicious cream of tomato soup with a secret ingredient... but we will share the secret with you. We used a Vitamix for this but it can easily be done in a... Read more
  • Everyone's Talking About: How to Make a Habit Stick

    Here at Purition we believe that healthy eating is a habit to cultivate so a recent speech at a US psychology conference had our ears twitching with interest. University of Southern California As Psychologist Professor Wendy Wood from the University of Southern California explained, the three steps that can help... Read more
  • Everyone's Talking About: Sahaja Meditation

    Taking some time to be still each day is good for us mentally and physically, but for ultimate benefits it seems a technique called Sahaja Meditation is the method to use. The practice aims to completely empty your mind of all thoughts and in studies it lowered levels of stress... Read more
  • Why We Need: Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

    Riboflavin also known as vitamin B2 or as additive E101 is essential for human health, we must obtain it from our diet or we will become deficient.B2 is crucial for breaking down food components, absorbing other nutrients and maintaining tissue. It helps the body absorb and activate iron, folic acid... Read more
  • Everyone's talking about: Fat

    Could it be that the health advice over the last 40 years or so, about saturated fat is wrong? Many experts are now saying "yes" due to new studies emerging. Obesity levels over the past 40 years specifically since the 'fat is bad' message began, have increased and it is... Read more
  • Why We Need: Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

    Did you know that Thiamin (Vitamin B1) is essential for your body? We need it so that the body can use carbohydrates for energy (glucose metabolism). So if you are not getting enough in your daily diet your body will be less efficient at burning glucose which could lead to... Read more
  • Real food = Real Nutrition = Real Results

    At Purition HQ, we believe in producing real food with quality ingredients that suit your lifestyle and help you maintain a balanced diet to achieve your goals naturally. Purition is literally BURSTING with natural, super healthy ingredients. Help your body burn fat We all know it is important to have... Read more
  • Everyone's Talking About: Eating Ostrich

    It’s not something you’d necessarily expect to find on the shelves of a mainstream British supermarket, but with Tesco currently selling ostrich kebabs and Aldi and Lidl rumoured to be following suit later this year the big black and white bird might be appearing on a BBQ near you soon... Read more
  • Superseed Savoury Crackers

    So, so easy to make, and really quick to throw together too! Make a batch, then split it in two, leaving one batch plain and add some grated Parmesan and chopped fresh rosemary to the other  - A really tasty little snack! You could also use these as 'croutons' on... Read more
  • Everyone’s Talking About: Green Powders

    It seems it’s no longer enough to eat your veggies to get your greens. The hottest health trend are green powders that include concentrated doses of ingredients like spirulina, alfalfa, wheatgrass, chlorella and barley grass; even supermodel Elle McPherson has launched one recently. The theory is that these blends, which... Read more
  • Everyone’s Talking About: Rooftop Yoga

    It’s the fitness trend of the Summer with classes starting up everywhere from the roofs of gyms (like Olympia’s ThirtySeven Degrees) to the top of car parks (via London teacher Lucy Bannister) – but things got kicked up a notch in the trend stakes with the announcement that super-cool New... Read more
  • Everyone's Talking About: Stress and Weight

    It’s long been believed that stress makes people lose weight – but a new trial from the US’s Ohio State University has shown that’s not always true. The study measured the metabolism of a group of women all eating the same high fat meal. In theory all of them should... Read more
  • Everyone’s Talking About: Cold Pressed Juice

    Up until now, for most of us, juice has been juice – but with the recent  arrival of London’s first cold-pressed juice bar Roots and Bulbs, everyone’s buzzing about the idea that the way juice is processed might make a difference to how good for you it is. So, what... Read more
  • Everyone’s Talking About: Oil Pulling

    If your friends are turning up late for morning appointments, they could be trying this hot new health trend that sees them swishing, sucking and gargling a spoonful of oils like sesame or coconut around their mouths for up to 20 minutes before brushing. Helps stop tooth decay The theory is... Read more
  • Quick and easy gluten free super seed loaf

    This is a scrummy, savoury loaf, using Purition Superseed.  Really quick and easy, using mainly store cupboard ingredients, however... tapioca flour and/ or arrowroot were new ingredients to me, but a quick trip to my local health food shop sorted that . Ingredients: 1 cup or 120g of Purition Superseed... Read more
  • Raw Chocolate & Goji Berry Slice

    One word for these little gems . . . Decadent!  They are absolutely lovely as a mid morning or afternoon treat, when that chocolate craving just needs satisfying! Ingredients: 80g raw cacao nibs Thumb size piece of peeled fresh ginger 300g pitted dates Handful each of dried goji berries, cranberries... Read more
  • See what RED Magazine had to say about Purition

    Read more
  • Blackberry picking

    Blackberries are everywhere at the moment, picked at their best and frozen you can continue to enjoy these nutrient dense berries for weeks to come. With significantly greater levels of vitamins and antioxidant than blueberries these tasty little berries pack a real nutritional punch and the best part is they... Read more
  • How do you take your Omega-3's?

    Omega-3 fatty acids are important for our health and are used to build and maintain cells within our body but the body is unable to make them so we have to get them from our diet. Omega 3 is found in oily fish, plants and nuts and seeds. When we... Read more
  • About us - "Purition changed our lives!"

    FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: LOUISE & EDWARD TAYLOR, PHILLIPA GARNER Best friends Louise Taylor & Phillipa Garner founded Purition as a result of their own personal quests for improved body shape. The girls had very different reasons for wanting to find a natural dietary supplement, which they are happy to... Read more
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