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Health & Nutrition

The New Year - Achieving a Simple Start

Tomorrow is new year's eve and the motto ‘new year, new you’, is what seems to be sold to us at the start of every year. It isn’t that easy though, it is hard to change and even harder to keep that... More

30 Dec 2016

Latest News

Super Chocolatey Orange Shake!

You are probably looking at your calendar not quite believing that we are now only two full days away from Christmas day. December seems to have flown by and in that time it has been very very easy... More

22 Dec 2016


Orange and Ginger Christmassy Shake

It may only be the second week of December, but it feels to us as if Christmas started months ago! At this point it may seem like the season is beginning to drag out a little, that is why we have c... More

08 Dec 2016

Latest News

Matt Helliker Alpinist - Interview

Matt, we hear you are back in the UK for two weeks, can you tell us where you are and what you’re up to? I’ve been back in the UK to rock climb and to also do a series of lectures and to show my la... More

11 Nov 2016


Oat ’n’ Raisin Cookies

Love baking? Well so do we! In the Purition office we also like to experiment with our baking, creating recipes which sometimes work...and sometimes don’t. This recipe however definitely works, and... More

07 Nov 2016

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Keep the big 'C' at bay with your diet

There is no food that can prevent you from getting breast cancer, at least not yet anyway. But there are certainly many foods that you can eat to keep you healthy, boost your immune system and ther... More

31 Oct 2016


Chia Pudding

Here in the Purition office we all do our best to eat well, but we know it is not always easy with bad temptations lurking around every corner. We all like, and need, to enjoy a little bit of indul... More

28 Oct 2016

Health & Nutrition, Latest News

British Food Fortnight - Tibberton CE Primary School

Earlier this month we teamed up with pupils at Tibberton CE Primary School to talk about British Food Fortnight and healthy eating. As part of our visit to the school we got the children involved i... More

25 Oct 2016

Health & Nutrition, Latest News

Mum of two Julia shares her inspirational journey with Purition

As you know Purition has turned pink this October to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we’ve teamed up with Breast Cancer Care to launch our new limited edition raspberry protein shake. Ava... More

20 Oct 2016

Latest News

Purition turns pink to support Breast Cancer Care

Every 10 minutes someone somewhere in the UK is diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s about the same time it takes for most of us to make our bed in the morning and brew our first cup of tea. Over t... More

14 Oct 2016

Health & Nutrition, Latest News

Purition helps sugar smart pupils whip up healthy smoothies

Here at Purition it’s been an exciting week doing something a little bit different. We’ve been busy talking to local school pupils about the dangers of consuming too much sugar and, what fun we had... More

07 Oct 2016

Latest News

We team up with pupils to celebrate British food & drink

Here at Purition we have teamed up with one of our local primary schools as part of a national campaign to celebrate British food and drink. Held every autumn, at the same time as many schools are ... More

29 Sep 2016


Great Purition Bake Off - Botanical Week

It was a never before seen challenge on the Great British Bake Off this week with contestants put under pressure to reveal their botanical baking skills. The challenge also came as a slight curve b... More

28 Sep 2016


Great Purition Bake Off: Bacon and spinach tart

It’s been a tense time for the Purition Bake Off team. With most of us harbouring a history of pastry disasters no one was looking forward to being selected for this week’s challenge. But, someone ... More

26 Sep 2016


Batter week in the Great Purition Bake Off

There’s been all sorts of speculation floating around this week about who might replace Mel and Sue once the Great British Bake Off moves to Channel 4 next year but here at Purition we’ve not let a... More

15 Sep 2016

Latest News, Recipes

The Great Purition Bake Off - Recipes

Purition Pistachio Bread Ingredients 130g of Pistachio Purition 2 tbsp mixed herbs salt and pepper 100g flour 5 egg whites, whisked 7g of yeast 200ml of warm water 2 tbsp olive oil (we used basil ... More

14 Sep 2016

Latest News

Meet the bakers

From left to right: Brad, Jill, Al, Gayle, Edward, Lou, Rob, Lorna, Harry, Phillipa   Here at Purition we’re supporting the nation’s favourite TV programme - The Great British Bake Off - by pu... More

13 Sep 2016

Health & Nutrition, Latest News

Let the kids take over the kitchen!

Eek, we hear you cry. What about all that mess? Well, how about looking beyond the mess and instead focusing on the fun we can have with our children in the kitchen. As parents, we can teach our ch... More

13 Sep 2016

Latest News

Did you start your day with a chocolate milkshake today?

We did. Be rude not to really. After all it is Chocolate Milkshake Day! Well, when we say chocolate milkshake, we of course mean one of our chocolate flavoured Purition wholefood shakes, which is a... More

12 Sep 2016

Latest News

Purition gets Baking!

So as we head into week four of the Great British Bake Off the nation is already hooked and so are we. So far the bakers have already tried their hand at cakes, biscuits and bread and before we get... More

09 Sep 2016

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